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Friday, October 22, 2004


En mycket bra tjänst som ger kontinuerligt uppdaterade siffror från de viktigaste mätinstituten i staterna. Den visar jämförelser både på nationell nivå och delsat för delstat.
Tydliga animeringar, men en en del grafik är lite rörig.

Mycket användbar.


  • It seems like this is going to hinge, suprisingly, on Wisconsin. And remember what happens in the case of an electoral tie: House of Representatives and another Bush term.

    From DailyKos:

    "Note Bush's upcoming schedule -- lots of Iowa, NM and Wisconsin. It increasingly looks like Bush will end up camping out in Wisconsin the last week of the election. Because without Wisconsin, he can't pull it off. (And here I am assuming that MN is increasingly out of reach -- a fact confirmed by Bush's upcoming travel schedule.)

    NM and IA, combined, would not offset a Kerry victory in WI. Bush needs both Wisconsin and either Iowa or New Mexico. Wisconsin and NM, in this scenario, gives us the dreaded 269-269 tie that would send matters to the House of Representatives and a likely Bush victory."

    By Blogger dkreiss, at 10:18 AM  

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