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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

There are now 63 Stockholm blogs registered: 43 within the city circle and 20 in the 'burbs. So the center strengthens and the periphery treads water. Ironic for a medium which preports to report from the edge.

Var är du:

Kartläggning av svenska bloggar

Nice new site for finding Swedish bloggers. Built on the same system as The New York City Blogger Map:

A map of the city that shows where the bloggers are, organized by subway stop. Find out who's blogging in your neighborhood!

Great site and can be very useful to the growing number of academic blog-researchers who are working hard to categories and catalogue the blogosphere (yes, guilty as charged *S*).

Put your blog on the map!

It is very interesting to see that the majority of registered blogs in Stockholm are concentrated within the city its self - a circle from Gulmarsplan to Karlaplan to Stadshagen to Liljeholmen to Gulmarsplan. Of the 49 registered as I write, 29 are within this circle. This reproduces fairly well where journalists working in mainstream media live. Will there be social diversity in Swedish blogging? Or will it be more of the same, from the same sort of people?
We shall see...


  • Personally, I find the map of Sweden the most interesting. Before the site was "launched", it was still uncertain how the distribution would look like and I was hoping that there would be a lot of bloggers from smaller towns due to increased internet accessibility as of late. Today, it's obvious that bloggers are not equally at home in the countryside as they are in the bigger cities (but what about sustainability then, maybe bloggers from norrland have a shot there? ;)

    Eventually, a map of the entire stockholm subway/train system will be created and, yet again, it will be interesting too see if the distribution you are seeing will stay the same. My gut feeling tells me it is but I'm still hoping that suburbian bloggers at least put up a good fight ;)

    By Blogger Jonas Nockert (, at 11:50 PM  

  • själv är jag mer förvånad över brist på bloggare från Umeå. En stad med bra och snabba nätverk, universitet och musikliv (för att inte tala om Straight-edge) borde kunna prestera mer :-)

    By Blogger Mark, at 12:03 AM  

  • (aha, svenska går bra alltså ;) Ja, faktiskt! Jag har inte tänkt på det men det är som du säger lite konstigt att inte de stora orterna i norr har lika många bloggar som de stora städerna i söder. Det skall dock sägas att på senare tid, till min stora glädje, har det dykt upp fler bloggar i norr så det kanske bara krävs lite tid.

    By Blogger Jonas Nockert (, at 4:06 PM  

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