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Sunday, November 07, 2004

U.S. elections exit-polls: bloggers vs mainstream media:

The most heated media-debate in U.S. post-election discussions is that of an agreement among the large media cooperations (CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox, and the Associated Press) not to release the exit-polls to the public in order to prevent false predictions for the presidential elections. The bloggers [nja, med ett brett tolkning kanske](Slate , Drudge, Zogby, The Command Post), trying to counter this attempt, have ignored the agreement and published leaked exit-poll data prematurely. Debates now circle around the issue. Pressetext.austria has published a commentary (på tyska) on the role of blogs during the U.S. elections. A study by the IT-company Cnet shows that betting bureaus have predicted the outcome of the American elections with much higher probabilities than the blogs, which the media had set their hopes on. "


  • I too had exit polling in the comments section on my blog on election day, written in by a friend of mine in NY with ties to the Democratic Party.

    I thought about it briefly, for one minute. In a country that is so poll-obsessed, including polling on the eve of the election, it seems inane that there is so much hand-wringing about some magical moment when polls suddenly become unethical.

    I think the obsession with polls over issues in the media is ludicrous to begin with; the debate over exit-polling is simply the media's way of questioning a minor phenomenon while ignoring the larger issues of press-coverage of campaigns and horse-race journalism more generally.

    By Blogger dkreiss, at 2:54 PM  

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