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Sunday, November 07, 2004


Crime in the United States: 2003 [PDF-dokument]

Every year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) produces its annual complete crime report for the United States, and the report for 2003 was recently made available in a variety of formats on the agency's website.

Novice users may want to start by looking at page v, which explains how to read and understand the numbers contained within the report.
Section II contains details on all offenses reported, including violent crime, property crime, and hate crime. In brief, the report reveals that violent crime in the United States dropped three percent last year, and that 62 percent of last year's murders have been solved to date. It is also worth noting that during the past 10 years, total violent crime in the U.S. has dropped 25 percent. A number of separate tables are available in the Excel format, including "Murder Victims by Age, by Weapon" and "Arrests by State".


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