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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Some interesting exit poll information

  • You can read exit poll results from every state by clicking here.
  • More women voted than men, 54 percent to 46 percent.
  • Fifty-two percent of women voters voted for Kerry; 47 percent voted for Bush.
  • Kerry did best among those with a household income of less than $49,999.
  • The GOP did best among those who earn $50K and more.
  • Bush strongly captured the religious vote. He did especially well (66 percent) among White Protestants/Christians, white Catholics (55 percent) and White evangelical Christians (77 percent).
  • Kerry did best among Jews (77 percent).
  • Among those who attend church weekly, President Bush won 63 percent to 35 percent for Kerry.
  • Veterans voted 57 percent to 42 percent in favor of the President.
  • Married voters were more likely to vote for President Bush (56 percent to 43 percent).
  • Gun owners were almost twice as likely to vote Republican (61 percent).
  • The most often mentioned "one issue that mattered most in deciding" how voters decided who to vote for was not Iraq. More than one out of five voters said the one key issue they were most concerned about was "moral values." Seventy-nine percent of the voters who felt that was the key issue voted for President Bush. Seventy-four percent of those who said Iraq was "the one key issue" voted for Kerry.
  • More voters trusted President Bush to handle Iraq than trusted John Kerry.
  • About one in 10 voters jumped ship from 2000. Kerry got about 9 percent of former Bush voters. Bush landed about 10 percent of former Al Gore voters.
  • Kerry did best in cities while Bush did best in suburbs and rural areas.
  • There were not as many young voters as predicted. One in 10 voters cast their ballots for the first time, which is about the same percentage as voted in 2000. The Associated Press reports, "The economy and moral values were the top issues for young voters, with about one-fifth of those surveyed choosing each. Young people concerned about moral values strongly supported Bush, while those interested in the economy and jobs chose Kerry."
  • The exit polls show that President Bush only landed 11 percent of Black votes, no more than he got in 2000.
  • Blacks made up about 11 percent of all voters, Hispanics accounted for 9 percent. Fifty-five percent of Hispanics voted for Kerry.


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