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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Newsplex Trends Report:
En intresant och viktig definition av "konvergans" som försöker komma ifrån teknik och koncentrerar på innehåll kommer från Newsplex . Att komma ifrån tänken på att det är tekniken som är avgörande för konvergansen och inte strategisk tänkande våre en underbar sak *L*

"In a world of seemingly nonstop advances in broadband Internet, digital cameras, interactive multimedia, 3G mobile phones, PDAs, wireless hotspots, moblogging, satellite radio, high-definition TV, e-paper, Bayesian search portals, GPS-enabled location-based services and now even iPod-equipped BMWs, the news industry tends to define media convergence in terms of the technologies used. Consultants talk about the integration of print, video, audio, Flash and other formats, or about cross-promotion between a newspaper publisher and a television broadcaster.

Ifra's Newsplex experience has led to a different definition, reaching beyond media types and technologies.

No. 1 in a list of Newsplex Convergence Guides to be published later this year in an Ifra Special Report states that, in the broadest sense, convergence is the process through which media companies expand beyond their traditional forms and formats to deliver richer news and information services more in concert with the way that consumers are choosing to access and use such resources. Technology is certainly part of this process. But more significant are changes in the culture and management of the media companies themselves.

In the case of the Independent, The Times and other compacting newspapers, this process led them to examine and reject the longstanding artificial link between tabloid pages and tabloid journalism. This then freed them to adapt their delivery format to the needs of today's news consumers.

Rather than technological convergence, it is adaptive convergence, but convergence all the same."


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