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Saturday, January 01, 2005

After Midnight

Old year dead, new year born.
A year of good and bad as most years are even if this one ended in the most horrible way.

  • The Tsunami showed a number of things that makes me proud to be a human.
  • The pictures of a mother running into a watery wall of death, defying one of human natures most powerfull drives - self-preservation - to try and save her children, is a true testement to our ability to let love overpower baser emotions.
  • The work of the volunteers who put their own traumas aside to help others whose needs are greater.
  • The communities in India and Sri Lanka where taking care of parentless children is seen as a given.
  • The speed with which individuals (and companies) gave donations to help.

Other things make me ashamed to be human.
  • The fact that the Swedish Department of Foregin Affairs demands that victims flown back from Thiland must sign a contract to repay the cost of the flight home.
  • That the same department wanted to take 10% interest om monies loaned out to victims (recindeed only after newspaper publicity).
  • That thives are using the lists of dead and missing to plan break-ins.
  • The cynicism of some companies who say "buy our product and we will give a little to aid-funds"

May your new year be free from strife, and may you be able to cope with the strife you (as do we all) get.


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