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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Fair and balanced

Från höger:
The Ten Worst Media Distortions of Campaign 2004

  1. Dan Rather’s Forgery Fiasco
  2. Ignoring, Then Attacking, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth
  3. Pounding the Bush National Guard Story
  4. Spinning a Good Economy into Bad News
  5. The Networks’ Outrageous Convention Double-Standard
  6. Swooning Over Edwards’ Image, Ignoring His Liberalism
  7. CBS’s Byron Pitts Promotional Kerry Coverage
  8. CBS Promotes Fears of a New Military Draft
  9. Misrepresenting the 9/11 Commission on Iraq/al-Qaeda Links
  10. Equating New Terrorism Warning to LBJ’s “Gulf of Tonkin”

Från vänster:
Top Ten media failings in 2004
  1. Failures in covering Iraq, Al Qaeda, and WMD
  2. The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth debacle
  3. Double standards in coverage of flip-flops, Vietnam records
  4. Lack of balance in media coverage
  5. Media frequently described Kerry as not likable or trustworthy
  6. Media repeated GOP spin that Kerry is weak and terrorists wanted him to win
  7. Media coverage too often focused on trivial issues
  8. Kerry, Edwards called first, fourth most liberal members of Senate
  9. Insufficient coverage of 9-11 report and other major reports
  10. Media drew false equivalencies between disparate actions, statements


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